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Currently posting things from the archives. ~90% done.

I noticed no one had taken high res pics of the board inside of the Razer Chroma ARGB controller, so I bought one to take a look at. Here are pics and datasheets of the chips found within. Click images for full size!


On the top side we have the following:

Working on a project where I needed to get an old piece of equipment going. The hard drive let it boot a few times but then stopped responding. After checking it, there was no head activity. The fix required opening the drive to fix it.

I have been wanting to upgrade the wimpy fluorescent lights in my house for a long time, but 2'x4' LED panels are expensive. I found a really good deal on some Cree panels so I bought enough to replace all the ones in my house. I wanted them to be smart compatible so I could use alexa to dim them and turn them off/on. Unfortunately These are commercial lights so they use 0-10v signals for dimming. I could not find any smart home compatible 0-10v dimmers so I set about building my own.

Another poppy craft. The Poppy symbol is a P inside of a triangle. I made cutouts of these with LEDs on the back that were mounted about an inch off the wall to allow a back glow to them.

For my laser cutter, I did not want the fume extraction system to be open to the outside when the laser was not in use. I added some blast gates (valves) to the piping but did not like having to manually open them because they are behind the machine and hard to reach.

I came up with a method of m...

At work I built an automatic wire cutter for cutting out many lengths of wire on some panels.

Yet another backlit piece of wall art. This time a large metal saxophone that I found on etsy for a friend who plays the sax.

I have one of those amish electric "fireplace" heaters for my bathroom. In the winter it is quite cold in there so I wanted to be able to turn it on and off using a smart socket. The heater has electronic control that means it will not come on immediately when power is supplied to it. I modified the board inside to allow the heater to operate with a bypass switch.

Request from my brother. When target shooting out in the mountains at long range, you can't easily see where you are hitting.

I used a extra FPV quadcopter camera in a watertight box that can be set down in front of the target. You can then view it on a smartphone or FPV monitor.

Being a huge fan of Poppy, I liked to make various items of Poppy lore to sell. One of Popp's songs is about a "rapture ball".

I decided to make rapture ball invites. This is how I did it!